Tyre2Tyre Balancer

Introducing the Tyre2Tyre Balancer, a new way to fill a tyre without the need of a compressor.  By connecting to a nearby strong tyre, you are able to borrow air to inflate a slow-puncture tyre enough to get you to a safe place and time to look after the damaged tyre properly.


Focus on the Farming

The Tyre2Tyre Balancer gives you the freedom to manage your slow punctures on your schedule, and without undue risk to your own safety or machinery.

Simply connect a strong tyre to a slow puncture tyre, come back to the puncture when you're ready to drive to your compressor.

Mend the puncture (or not!), but do so when you have the right tools and help to hand!

Our 3 meter Balancer is ideal for car and small tyre applications


Be Safe on the Road

The edge of a road with no verge is no place to be looking after a slow-puncture tyre.

Stay in your car whilst the Tyre2Tyre Balancer transfers air from your spare (or another tyre), and then move to a safe place to sort out the tyre without the stress of cars bearing down on you!

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